Sustainable dyeing and finishing solutions significantly reduces waste

16.10.2019 To significantly reduce waste in their apparel production supply chain, the textile technology supplier Twinery, Innovations by MAS, Colombo/Sri Lanka, has partnered with the supplier of finishing technology, HeiQ Materials AG, Zurich/Switzerland, in developing a low impact supply chain by reducing energy and waste across the entire value chain – Truecycled.

Picture: Twinery
© Photo: HeiQ
Picture: Twinery
2 steps in this supply chain lifecycle include improving the dyeing and finishing stages. To improve the dyeing stage by using less water and energy and save CO2 during the polyester dyeing process, Truecycled has implemented HeiQ Clean Tech for more efficient and ecological processing of textiles.
HeiQ Clean Tech is eco-friendly and efficient, with time, water and energy savings of 30-40%. It enables a faster polyester dyeing process with disperse dyes as well as optimizing the textile product quality. This technology permits high process flexibility thanks to its suitability for most standard polyester dyeing machines and can be applied to woven fabrics, knits and yarns. Among other benefits, the system can also help lower CO2 emissions by 30%, increase productivity and improve ecological footprint by 30%,
reduce polyester dyeing time by 35% and reduce manufacturing costs by 30%.