Innovative solutions support “workstyle reforms”


© Photo: Teijin
The producer of advanced fibers and composites, Teijin Ltd., Tokyo/Japan, is developing a wide range of innovative solutions to further “workstyle reforms” introduced by the Japanese government to reform the labor laws and working conditions.
A fan-cooled jacket, jointly developed with Makita Corp., Anjo/Japan, has a 2-layer pressure-controlled cooling structure that allows air to enter through the jacket’s outer shell and inner lining, both in front and back. Uses including sports apparel and work uniforms.
Teijin’s smart uniform for firefighting predicts heatstroke risk by estimating deep body temperatures, using a device installed in the uniform to monitor both temperatures and the firefighter’s precise position. The uniform is made with heat-resistant, flame-retardant Teijinconex meta-aramid fiber and high-tenacity Technora para-aramid fiber.
Vital Sensing Wear is clothing that facilitates sustainable and highly accurate sensing of the heart's electrical activity, heart rates and activity levels, minimizing the noise generated by contact of the body with sportswear during exercise. It combines the ultrafine fiber Nanofront with vital-sign sensing technology, and by simultaneously sensing heart rates and activity levels it can be used in various scenarios.
The innovative 2breathe smart device and mobile app help to improve sleep by relieving pre-sleep tension and midnight wakeup issues. The small device sends the data to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the app converts to the sound. It helps to reduce the neural sympathetic activity by relaxing mind and body when breath is synchronized to the sounds.