1st Dornbirn-GFC Startup-Days
Digital color solutions to accelerate product development process

21.10.2019 The startup colorDigital GmbH, Köln/Germany, and its product DMIx Cloud provides a cloud-based platform (SaaS) that integrates all key components around digital color, material/textures and 3D objects workflow.

© Photo: colorDigital
The aim of the DMIx Cloud is to accelerate the entire product development process, allow the opportunity to react quickly and flexibly to changing market demands, save material/prototypes/design and duplicate costs. The DMIx Cloud provides a software solution for the transfer of multispectral digital color, materials and objects, as well as their management. The product makes it possible to communicate color and surface perception (2D/3D) objectively throughout the whole supply chain. To match colors between design and production, the DMIx MatchBox will contain a process tool, which will allow the full digital matching of samples.
The startup was presented at the 1st Startup-Days of the 58th Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress (Dornbirn GFC) in Dornbirn/Austria from September 11-12, 2019.