1st Dornbirn-GFC Startup-Days
New inline control systems with hybrid camera

25.10.2019 The startup Robomat GmbH, Freilassing/Germany, offers a new device for quality assurance using image recognition.

© Photo: Robomat
 The new innovation is a hybrid camera - microscope and photographic camera in one. The standard products of the company are inline control systems for the textile industry.
The new device using image recognition automatically finds 5my defects in a DIN A4 field of sight (microscope 5mm only). For carbon and glass fiber, CF and GF-prepags, the company can check whether the amount of resin is correct. The development of the product is finished and ready for sales.
The startup was presented at the 1st Startup-Days of the 58th Dornbirn Global Fiber Congress (Dornbirn GFC) in Dornbirn/Austria from September 11-12, 2019.