System for filtering of fiber and production dusts

05.06.2019 Whether natural textiles, nonwovens or high-tech fiber production: in the textile industry, technology from LTG AG, Stuttgart/Germany, provides the appropriate indoor climate, the air flow for laying, or filters fibers to make them available for disposal or recycling within the process.

Fine filters
© Photo: LTG
Fine filters
For the separation of fibers and dusts, among other things, the compact filter unit CFU has proven itself. It has a modular structure and can be composed of different filter stages, for example the pre-filter TVM and the fine filter CompactDrum (CDF). The filtered substances can be safely and efficiently separated into fiber or dust compactors. The drum filters are specially designed for larger air volumes. The company also offers radial, axial and cross-flow fans for a variety of applications, such as conveying dusts, drying in belt or continuous processes, or laying and compacting nonwovens. The portfolio is rounded off by humidification systems, which ensure ideal humidity in the production process.