Pure Loop / Erema
Live recycling demonstration

06.06.2019 For the first time, the shredder-extruder technology provider Pure Loop, a subsidiary of Erema Group GmbH, Ansfelden/Austria, will be giving a live demo of the processing of textile production waste to form high-quality plastic pellets at the ITMA 2019.

Shredder-extruder combination ISEC-Evo
© Photo: Erema
Shredder-extruder combination ISEC-Evo
At the stand an ISEC evo 102 E system will show how fibers are recycled in order to be able to return them to the production process and fulfil the circular economy. The shredder-extruder combination on display is equipped with a Quality On package. This enables permanent quality monitoring directly at the machine during the recycling process. Using this system, changes in molecular weight can be regulated actively. The challenges involved in recycling textile waste are: the fibers produced from recycled pellets must meet the same quality requirements as products made from virgin material. They must be uniformly spinnable and there must be no fiber breakage. The careful processing of plastics using the ISEC evo system, which is also suitable for recycling highly tear-resistant fibers, tapes and nonwovens, ensures the highest possible return rates to production thanks to the high quality of the recycled pellets.
In addition, this technology can be optimally adapted to the existing scrap material logistics. The highly versatile system is quickly ready for use, has a high degree of automation and operates very energy-efficiently.