3D flat knitting machines

05.06.2019 The new Vega 3.130 3D-flat knitting machine by Steiger Participations SA, Vionnaz/Switzerland, has a weft and warp insertion capability, 16 yarn-guides and 2 inlay controlled yarn guides.

Vega 3.130 3D-flat knitting machine
© Photo: Steiger
Vega 3.130 3D-flat knitting machine
It is dedicated for the production of technical knitting, has a specific cam-box for semi-rigid yarns, adapted sinker kinetics, customized distance between needle-bed, take-down for 3D products, a new system of clamp and scissors for the optimized production and a FCI function (selectable carriage inversion ramp).
Furthermore the company has reinvented its machine programming software system. The new Model+ has a very high grade of automatization, is very easy for the user, avoids sampling by simulation and has a huge library ready for use.