Industrial embroidery machines

05.06.2019 The German manufacturer of industrial embroidery machines ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH, Krefeld, will present latest technical innovations and an overview of its machine portfolio.

JGVA 0109-550 technical embroidery machine: conductive yarn and electrodes
© Photo: ZSK
JGVA 0109-550 technical embroidery machine: conductive yarn and electrodes
At the ITMA, the tubular machines Sprint and Racer models, a flatbed Challenger and a triple combination machine JGVA 0109 (550) for technical embroidery applications will be shown.
The latest ZSK Bead Device that embroiders glass beads from 2.0-3.0 mm in diameter and 1.5-1.8mm in height can handle flat and curve shaped beads. The beads can be filled directly into the device, which allows working with a variety of bead manufacturers. The bead device is demonstrated on a Sprint 7 XL machine that provides a very large embroidery field of 400x1.400 mm. The drive system of this model is located on the upper part of the machine body, and the machine comes without sidewalls, thus enabling embroidery of extra wide products. The size of this embroidery field sets a new standard for compact single head embroidery machines.
The Sprint 7 series is a tubular embroidery machine with 18 needles and will be presented with a variety of accessories.
The JGVA 0109-550 machine comes with a combination of 3 different embroidery heads (triple combination), a standard F-head, a W-head (cording, coiling, taping) and a K-head (chain and moss stitch). Alternately, the system performs the efficient placing of fibers with the new High Volume-Tailored Fiber Placement method (HV-TFP), and the placement of LEDs and electronics. HV-TFP increases the efficiency in tailored fiber placement by up to 50%.
The “Vision System” is presented on a Racer 1XL embroidery machine. The camera-based system continuously monitors the location of perforation, elements or color changes. The system places and adjusts the embroidery design to perfectly fit possible shrinkage or elongation of the material. The machine is equipped with an auto select bobbin changer. The feature allows needles to be matched with bobbins. This way sewing yarn can be matched with thick bobbin yarns, or colors of upper yarn and bobbin yarn can be matched.